The most complete and successful of my designs to date is the Motorcycle Live 2011 event at the NEC in Birmingham. I made this site working for Miramedia as a Web Designer. The site uses a heafty amount of Miramedia’s events functionality, most of which is custom post type based.

The only assets supplied after the brief were the show logo and the ‘Feel alive’ wording. The sites main focus was the ‘Feel Alive’ text and trying to recreate the sense of anticipation and energy that the words promote. My own feelings on their selection of fonts and colours were that it was far too ‘classy’ and didn’t contain enough energy.

Seeing the final design I’m still a touch disappointed with the lower half of the content pages as the sidebar buttons and content text looks a little bland.

My favourite section of the entire site would be the landing pages. I feel that they do generate the anticipation and excitement in the right way and helped by the different backgrounds for each of the different landing pages there is a sense of individuality in each of the pages, my favourite of which is the Alive page shown in the screenshot.

Overall It wouldn’t be my favourite site design but it works well, the technology is up to date and it’s getting good traffic. After a months design process and a week to build the site I’m happy. I just wish some of my more energetic design features had made it though to the final version.

I’m still trying to figure out if I should like my own designs?